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Zoom WEBINAR: Visas de Inversión en Estados Unidos (EB5 • E1 • E2) 🇺🇸

Investment visas are focused on facilitating the process of doing business in the United States.

This type of visa offers the investor the possibility to stay in the US in order to carry out the company and reside in the country.

There are several categories of visas related to investments and business. Among others, the E-2 visa, called Treaty Investor, E-1 Treaty Trader and the EB-5 visa, “immigrant investor visa” are the most efficient alternatives.

The objective of this type of visa is to facilitate job creation. That is why it is an ideal vehicle for those who decide to carry out, or participate in an undertaking, with a variety of applications.

We will be analyzing the different options that currently exist during a free webinar on Monday, February 8, 2021, at 5:00 PM (Miami) / 7: 00 PM (Buenos Aires) / 4: 00PM (Mexico City). We will provide information and analyze, among other topics:/

  • Effects of the coronavirus on immigration services
  • Types of visas and requirements
  • Legal processes, investment amounts
  • Deadlines and processing times
  • Business opportunities applicable to visas

Registration at the following link 👇🏻 (limited places)


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